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Sick Fucking Brother Films His Sister Getting Fucked

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Now I’ve met some pissed off brothers before but Jackel was more than pissed at his sister Aerynn Black – he was a bit froward too. Seems his little sister left her rottweiler in the house and the frickin dog ate her brother’s couch. Now that wouldn’t bee so bad if the little whore had a job and could pay for the couch – but noooo. After trying everything to get the little ink-whore to make it right, he saw my add in the paper and he knew he’d be able to get the $400.00 for his couch and a little retribution too. Of course he didn’t tell his little sister that she would have to fuck and old guy to pay for his couch.

Filming His Sister Fuck

Now most brother’s are bit hesitant to see their sisters nude – let alone getting fucked, but Jackel, being the loving brother that he is, took to filming his sister getting fucked like a fish takes to water. The cool part was this sassy little whore fucked me even harder when he started giving her shit. I almost forgot to mention that this tattooed and pierced slut knows how to suck a pecker! My god, I thought she was going to suck the couch cushions up my ass. Of course, what I wanted was my throbbing pecker in her tight little cunt.

Sister’s Ass Gets Banged

After eatin her tight coed cunt and gettin a great blowjob, I rammed this round-ass ink-whore as hard as I could. The fur was flying and her brother never missed an opportunity to get close and catch the action on film. I think the fucker is gonna go abode and jerk off to his sister’s first porno video…… Any bets? Hell, why not visit and jerk off to this pierced and tattooed sluts vid yourself?

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Fuck My Sister’s Coed Cunt – Violet Little’s First Smut

Ricky is a sick mother fucker! Go ahead, ask me how I know and I’ll show you a video he made of his sister fucking a older bro. Yup, this sick fucker filmed his little sister getting hammered by this old guy and then he kept a copy of the video for himself.

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It all started when his sister knocked his Play Station off the tv and broke it. Naturally he was pissed and wanted some dough to pay for the PS but his broke-ass little sister couldn’t come up with the dough so Ricky decide to make a porn video of his little sister to get a little retaliation and enough cash to get a new PS.

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Now I’ve never watched my own sister getting fucked but I can imagine that it would be a lot of fun. My sisters were all pretty cute and the little cunts were always breaking my shit too. I wish I had known this bro that does the sister smut when I was still living at flat cuz I’d sure as hell had my sisters in front of his camera fucking her little heart out for all the shit she broke of mine.

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Now I love my sisters, just as I’m sure Ricky does, but there comes a time when every brother wants to see his sister getting fucked – Ricky felt the same way. Watching him film his sister fucking was like a real fucking turn-on for me. At one point, you could see the bulge in his pants in the video so you know he was thinking about fucking his own sister – sick bastard. But she’s a cute little cunt and I’d sure as hell fuck her. Anyway – you can see the entire video at

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Filming His Sister Having Sex

One of the nice things about my job is I get to meet all kinds of crazy people and it’s always nice when you get a brother that’s really excited about filming his sister having sex. Alex was pissed off at his sister, Cameron, because she let her cat in his room and her pussy ate his lizard (pun intended). Alex felt like his sister owed him something but there was no way to get his pet back but a few hundred bills to replace the exotic lizard and a little retribution would be nice. I also think the sick fucker has always harbored a secret sister fetish – but who knows.

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Alex gets to make a sister smut video

So Alex drug his sister to my place where I told her I’d help her pay her brother back – but she’s have to make her first sister smut video/ As soon as she agreed, I dropped the real retribution bomb – I was going to let her little brother video me fucking her. She was pissed – he was ecstatic – he was going to video a real smut video, and making a smut video of his sister would be the fabulous retribution. I did have to caution him that he wasn’t allowed to fuck his sister, that was my job.


Filming His Sister giving a blowjob

But I would allow him to get as many close-ups of his sister’s little cunt as he could manage while filming his sister having sex. He agreed and I got right to work fucking his sister. And he must have liked the look of my pecker in his sister’s pussy because he was right there getting a shitload of closeup pics of his sister’s pussy as I fucked his sister.

His Sister's Pussy

His Sisters Pussy

You can see more by visiting

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Blaze Burnz Lets Her Brother Video Her Fucking

Not every sister that we fuck is as willing (or wonderfully horny) as our newest sister, Blaze Burnz. Blaze’s brother Sage was pissed at her for wrecking one of his drums so he decided to pimp her out in her first ever porno video clip – and yes….. this is the first smut that Blaze ever did so enjoy the nervous amateur mom as she takes a hard erection deep in her cooch as her brother films it. Blaze is a local alt chick that has more tattoos and piercings than most people have keys on their key-chain. She also has one of the nicest little butts and clean teenager muffins that I’ve ever seen.

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Blaze Burnz Shows Her Brother Her cooch

Now both her and her brother swear that this is the first time that he has seen his sister’s cooch but one can never know. He sure seamed more comfortable filming his sister fucking than she did letting him that close to her shaved little cooch. Of course, by the time Richard Nailder had hammered her cooch properly, Blaze was ready to go home – but not without making plans in her own mind on how to come back and get paid again for fucking the old man. Maybe next time without her brother.

Blaze Does Her First Porn Video

Blaze Does Her First porno video clip

In this picture of Blaze and her brother, she is taking a hard erection deep in her tight little cooch as her brother gets as close as he can with the camera. Lucky for us, the entire sister porno video clip can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister for just a few cash. In fact, you can see dozens of sisters getting fucked for the first time on camera as their brother’s film them fucking. That said, not all the sisters love erection as much as Blaze – she’s a real natural when it comes to fucking on camera so expect her to return.

Blaze Burnz Cumming

Blaze Burnz Cumming

If you like these super-sexy pictures of the hard-bodied hot young mom than you are going to love the fuck-video clip her brother made of her – see it all on Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Cheerleader Sister Makes Porno With Her Brother

petite teen cheerleader Kaydence Skye is in all reality a devious little cum dumpster that will fuck just about anyone to get what she wants.  This high school cheerleader’s entire smut experience  started when she fucked her brother’s tattoo artist. Seems she broke the guy’s heart and he refused to finish her brother’s tattoos. He wanted vengeance so he brought her to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister. He knew she would fuck to get what she wanted – but he wasn’t sure that she would let her brother film her fucking – but as you can see – the little teen cum dumpster will fuck anyone to get what she wants.

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It’s not often that you find a petite high school cheerleader with such a firm teen ass but when you do, you grab her brother, hand him a camera,  put her ass in the air and ram your dick as deep as you can in her small teen cunt. Then you post the shoot on the internet for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy the full-length shoot of this hot teen cheerleader by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

If you long for to see the last two scenes of this teen cheerleader fucking a guy 30 years older than her, you can bookmark this site and I’ll post them for your enmjoyment pleasure – or you can visit Bring Me Your Sister today and download the entire high-quality shoot for your continued enjoyment (that means you can wank to it all you long for) ;-)

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Buddy, You Filmed Your Sister Fucking

You are a sick bastard – and I love the way you think. If my sister was still young and sexy, I’d have her butt tied to a bed and video her getting fucked too. As it is, all my sisters are old and ugly but I’ll be more than happy to fuck your sexy little sister as you video us.In fact, as I was fucking Hannah, Josh’s little sister, she kept scratching me so, with the help of her brother,  I tied the little cunt to the bed and fucked her little cunt right proper. Josh filmed me fucking his sister and you can see all of her clip at

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Of course, I’m pretty sure Josh as a bit more than a grudge against his little sister, Hannah, I think he wanted to see his little sister’s shaved pussy. He kept zooming real close as I hammered my throbbing penis deep in his sister’s little pussy. She would bed, “harder, harder” as I fucked her despite her brother being right there filming. I think it secretly turned her on to have her brother filming her, after all, the little cunt fucked his dad – that’s why he was so fucking pissed at her. I put a fe videos here for you to enjoy but I put the full-length sister porno vids on Bring Me Your Sister

It was hard not to jizz inside of his sister but I did my best. She worked her tight teen cunt up and down on my throbbing penis as her brother filmed her first porno clip. She even forgot he was her brother as she fucked my throbbing penis harder and harder. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I shot a oversized load of sticky cumm all over her petite little boobs but I wanted to hold out as onng as possible. Her petite sister pussy kept working my penis as if she had doe this before. Her brother was ready as I covered his sister in jizz and we put all the Sister porno videos on Bring Me Your Sister in DVD quality so be sure to check them out today.

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Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood Friends – Anistaija

I waited a long time to get a babe as sexy as Anistaija to suck my pecker – and fuck me, she did a superlative job.

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Anistaija Sucks Mr. Richard’s pecker

This cute neighbor coed made the mistake of wrecking her brother’s ride and not having a way to pay him back. Being the loving brother that he is, he brought her to me so I could audition her in her first hardcore porno video clip. I had a fine time – and apparently she liked it enough to come back and do 30+ more clips for me. Anistaija has one of the cutest little asses and tightest teen beavers so she was a real joy to fuck. fine how such a short little thing can take so much pecker. You can see Anistaija on all three of Mr. Richard’s sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin, and Real Colorado teens.

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Fun With A Camera And Two Misbehaving Fucking Sisters

These slutty sisters love meat and they like to share too ;-) . I have no idea how Kiri managed to to get Thena back after I ripped the little vagina up last time she was at my home but one thing about these sisters, they like meat. And I like fucking sisters so we get along letter-perfect!

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I still have no idea hoe Thena managed to hold the camera steady as she filmed me fucking her sister – but I was busy licking one sister’s vagina and fucking the other sister’s wet cunt. But just like last time I fucked Thena, she started complaining that it “hurt” – not that I gave a flying fuck, after all, she did wreck her sister’s hookah and it was my job to punish her.

Pretty sure Kiri has a slightly different outlook on the entire filming and fucking thing – I think it turned her on to get fucked as her sister watched – in fact, I fucked her once as her brother filmed it – she’s a sick little kitten if you ask me. But who the fuck am I to complain – it beats masturbating alone!

And as usual- ‘ll post the full-length shoots on my main site – these belong to the Bring Me Your Sister site so be sure to check it out. PapaGMP

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Athletic Teenager Sweetheart

Most teenagers have nice hard-bodies and firm tits but 18 year old Kate Kelemen has the excellent athletic coed body. I first met Kate when her brother pimped her out in her first smut vid. I then did one more hardcore coed films of this hard-bodied athletic hottie before she disappeared. Kate played basketball and volleyball in high school and was still playing for a local basketball team when she did this vid. If you think she has a nice round butt, you should see her puffy coochy – and you can do that by joining Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Athletic coed hottie – Kate

Join Bring Me Your Sister today and get full access to Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado coeds for the same low price.

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My Brother Had Me Do My First Porno Video Clip

ButterflyHaze brunette teen amateur Latina sisp tattooed pierced xxxp gnd pltsOk, so I did fuck his wife, and she decided that I was a better fuck than he was so she left his skinny ass and moved in with me. He’s all pissed off cuz she left him for me and now she’s filed for divorce. Anyway the stupid fucker got me to agree to helping to pay for his divorce (I only agreed so I could have her to myself and get him out of my hair) but I didn’t have any cash. Anyway, Kirstoff (my brother) came to me the other day and told me he had a unsurpassed way for me to earn the cash for his stupid divorce. My stupid fucking brother wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We drove to this older guys flat and went to the door. When he answered the door, he invited us in and sat us on the couch. He had cameras everywhere and I was starting to get the idea – my brother wanted me to do a porno video clip for this old fart.

I wanted to kill my brother but I had no other way to get the cash and the old guy was nice enough. I finally agreed to fuck the old bastard but then he handed a camera to my brother I about peed myself. No fucking way was I going to let my own brother film me! But what choice did I have? So Kirstoff filmed me.

When the old bastard starting kissing me I was getting horny – and I could tell he was from the bulge in his pants. I could feel my tight teenager cooder getting wet – I hadn’t been with a man since I started fucking my brother’s wife and I wanted to feel his hard erection in my tight teenager cooder. That was till I say how immense it was – christ – I hadn’t had erection in months – how was I going to take all that in such a tight little cooder?

Well, it did hurt but the old fucker was as kind as could be expected. You could tell he liked fucking me. Sex with the old fucker would have been more fun if my brother hadn’t been there bitching about me fucking his wife. Every time he’d look over, I’d stare at the fucker like I was going to kill him. He wold shake his hummer and cures – all the time getting turned on by seing a hard erection in his sister’s cunt.

In the end, the old man came all over my belly, paid my brother and we left. As I was leaving, I got the old guy’s number and decided I would do this again – I like sex and I missed having a hard erection in my tight cooder. Only next time my stupid fucking brother wouldn’t be watching. Since that first porno video clip with Papa (that’s what the teenagers call him), I’ve been back and made a good dozen more hardcore and carpet-muncher video clips. Check them out at and

Hope you like my little shaved pussy…….. XOXOXOXOXO Butterfly

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